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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Blessing (Heavily Disguised)

I wasn't sure what I wanted as the topic of my first blog. It seems monumental, but most things do to me when I start them. I am thrilled to start something new, but my interest usually wanes after a few weeks. I am really hoping that it is different this time. I wanted some place to jot my thoughts about the children down so I can access them when I forget anecdotes, mannerisms, first words, etc. As is probably evident by now, I am not too good about keeping a physical journal. I like to type and the automatic catalog system of a blog appeals to my pseudo-type-A personality.

That said, this is the topic of my first blog...

We all got very sick last week. Beau had a double eye infection and had to stay home from work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I had double pink eye and sinusitus, Jackson had pink eye and a viral infection in his chest, and Rebecca had a chest infection plus a double ear infection! It was overwhelming for a day or two, but the blessing was that we were all forced to stay home and be together. No errands, no gym (where I am sure the kids got sick!), and no work. Well, Beau went into the office everyday for about45 minutes to clear out his emails and make sure there were no fires. But he shut himself in his office so as not to scare anyone with his scary pink eyes.

It was probably the best few days of Jackson's life because he was around his favorite person non-stop. Beau loved it, too. The two of them entertained each other and I was able to just lay around with Rebecca. It ended up being a very enjoyable time for all of us. We read, watched movies and "Ellen" everyday, listened to music and the Word, and ate snack food for every meal. It was like an impromptu vacation. I really don't think we even noticed how poorly we all felt. God is so good to schedule times of rest and rejuvenation into our lives. I am so thankful for the relationships He has given me. I really think that good relationships with family and close friends are glimpses of what He has for us to enjoy in heaven.

And now, we are all on the mend.

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Boone Frenzel said...

Failed to mention that Beau's double pink eye turned into Boone's double pink eye (1st time ever) and your sinusitititititus turned into Boone's stuffed up nose. However, that said, got all the love in the world for you guys. We thank God daily for the friendships he has blessed us with in Bakersfield! Glad to see the inaugural blog!!!


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