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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Every Mother's Sentiment

This is what I had intentions of writing about this afternoon. I got a little sidetracked. Typical.

I just think my kids are so cute! I know every mother does. I love that about mommies. Jackson is learning so much. These days are small explosions of new words and ideas and behaviors. I am excited about each new day. His vocabulary is growing so much that I can't keep a list of words anymore. I am a little disappointed that his "I love you" sounds more like " I love you" and less like "Na noo". I wish I could keep that one forever.

He is fascinated by hats. He goes into Beau's closet with him and says, "hat" until Beau obliges and dons a baseball cap. Jackson is pleased.

I bought him a little baseball cap yesterday but he would rather use less orthodox items as headgear. Today he amused himself during our grocery outing by alternately using my coffee cup and coffee sleeve as a hat. He likes to put it on my head and his head. He seriously kept busy for 25 minutes with his game. All the old ladies we passed were amused as well.

Not amusing was the hat he wore at lunchtime. I was feeding the baby and did not notice until he said, "Mama, hat!". He had scooped up a bunch of hummus with a hot dog piece and smooshed in onto his head. Into the bath we went.

As we were getting ready for naps, though, he redeemed himself. I stepped out of my sandals and he said "shoes!" and ran off with them. He then brought out my slippers and pointed to them, indicating his desire that I put them on, smiling away. I did, and then scooped him up and hugged him. No one has served me so happily in a long time (not including my dear husband, of course!) As I put the baby down in her room, which is actually my closet for the time being, I noticed that my sandals were lined up against the wall. Now, seriously, where did he learn something like that? It is amazing to see bits of light in a growing creature. God gives me more of a deep and tender love for my children everyday. What a blessing as a stay-at-home mom, whose life is fulfilling if not monotonous and relatively uneventful, to have bits of unexpected joy like that. It really is the little things.

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