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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


What a relaxing and blessed Christmas we had! We were able to share time with family and friends, and we welcomed William Henry Woodward (Mash and Alicia's #3) at 4:55 on Christmas morning.

Rebecca has started crawling. She went from army-crawling to bootie-in-the-air elephant walking to crawling. It is so amazing to see God's creation grow like this. When I watch her move around or when I see her laugh at her brother, I am awed by how the Lord has tenderly crafted each aspect of every one of His creatures. I was revisited by a thought I had when Jackson was about this age: no matter how much I love my children, God loves them infinitely more and has plans to prosper them in His wisdom. How wonderful to serve a Creator who knows me so intimately.
Although it still, at times, feels as though Beau and I are playing house, our family is starting to gel well, praise the Lord.


Boone Frenzel said...

I think you guys play house pretty darn well! you are an amazing family and we are truly thankful for your friendship! God is good!

Jennifer Marie said...

He is good! His mercies are absolutely new each morning. We are thankful for you two as well and are so excited for Frenzel #3.


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