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Friday, February 1, 2008

Dear Kirby

Dear Kirby,

I miss you. It has only been three days and already I am longing for your companionship. I often find myself drifting past the broom closet where you like to pass the time. Sometimes I even open the door, looking for your familiar form.

I suppose it is better this way. My friends say you aren't good for me. You feed my obsession. I can't help it if I admire the way you leave such neat, clean, deep lines in the carpet. I respect the way you get a job done.

I realize that our relationship is not altogether healthy. I spend time with you when I should be doing other things. Friends tell me that we are together entirely too much. It's just that nothing compares to you. I have had other vacuums, and nothing else can hold a candle to the way you get each and every cat hair off the carpet.

Perhaps it is good for us to take a break from each other. I really hope you enjoy your adventure. Breathe some fresh air, get to know someone else. But please return to me soon. I didn't think it would be this hard to let you go. But I know you love me too, and I am sure you will come back where you belong, where you are needed.

Missing you,

(inspired by Carolyn)

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