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Monday, March 10, 2008

Almost Two!

My little Jackson turns two this Wednesday. Two seems so much scarier than one! It actually feels as though time is beginning to slip away. I can vividly remember holding him while I was in labor with Rebecca and weeping because it was not going to be just the two of us anymore (Rebecca, if you ever read this, don't worry...I'm sure I will do the same with you when the next one homes!) He is talking and running and disobeying and contemplating. H has strong likes and dislikes. He can formulate questions and answer questions. When he turned one, we got to see him walk. This year, he just seems so much more exciting. Beau described him as "like Disneyland". (Our favorite, most thrill-inducing place to visit). I agreed.

It is so amazing to see his legs grow longer and his vocabulary increase. He counted to 9 last Thursday as he hopped from chair to chair at JC Penney's Portrait Studio. 9! I can't believe it. How cool.

We get to have a party for him on Saturday. His favorite things at this point in his life are dancing, jumping, balls, Curious George, Cars, popcorn, "beebee", going fast, and water. Is it possible to incorporate all of that into a 2 hour pizza party? We shall see.

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