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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Foogo and Face Tickles

I have been researching stainless steel drinkware for quite some time. My husband graciously agreed to let me to purchase cups for the kids. I just can't trust plastic. First, they told me that soft plastic (#1-5) were bad for the developing systems of my children. Now, they tell me that even the hard plastics (#6-7, even Nalgene bottles) are susceptible to tiny cracks and stress that can release some of that pesky bisphenol-A, which mimics estrogen and can be toxic to humans. Now, if you know me, you know that if I hear it or read it, I believe it. However, after learning about a health scare, I try to diligently do research in order to determine what is best for my family. I decided that from a health and economic perspective, stainless steel sippies and water bottles were the way to go. Last summer, I found 20 oz. stainless steel water bottles at Wal-mart for $4.88. That was incredible as comparable drinkware costs around $22. But my baby and toddler can't drink out of a regular water bottle! So I looked into Kleen Kanteen, and two sippy cups would cost about $50 for the product plus shipping and handling. Plus, no internet retailer has the sippy cup in stock right now after the Dateline special (my father-in-law told us to watch) last Sunday. America is rallying against plastic.

All that to say, I went to Target today for diapers and couldn't help walking up and down every aisle (what if I miss a deal?). Lo and behold, I found the Thermos' Foogo sippy cup in the camping aisle. Each cup was $15 and I did not have to pay shipping. Peace of mind (this week) for $30.00! The "mommy reviews" I have read on the Foogo are not altogether positive, but I figured that every cup will have some problem and some disgruntled mama bear who wants the world to know about it. So we will see how it goes. Jackson used it for lunch today and it did not leak. There are 4 parts to clean, but that is okay by me. Please, Lord, just don't let us lose these cups...

* * *

"Yay you?" is how Jackson asks us to lie with him while he tries to go to sleep. His daddy does not mind indulging him this request every once and awhile. How can you say no to that? Beau can't, anyway. I was having a tough time getting him to go down for his nap today- we had a bit of a rough morning- so when he asked, "Yay you, Mama?", I scooped him up and laid down with him. He grabbed my hand and put it to my face and I was confused for a moment. Then I realized he wanted "face tickles", which Beau will do for him to get him to calm down and go to sleep. He just lightly runs his fingers over Jackson's face so his eyes close. I said, "Does Daddy do this for you?" And he said, "Daddy go work". Oh, so sad! And adorable! That kid just loves his daddy so much. What a blessing.

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