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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Foundations for Grace

Our church, Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfield, is running our first fundraising campaign this month.

God is amazing and has thus far provided every financial need for our church. Our efforts are not going toward our physical church, but toward our brothers and sisters in central India. SGCB partners with Indigenous Ministries International to help support Grace Bible College.

The college was founded by Indian nationals in 2003 and exists to train eager pastors to spread God's Word throughout India. GBC has lost their rented classroom and dormitory building and needs $186,000 to build their own meager facilities.

God has stirred the hearts of many of our church members to do something about this and we are attempting, through God's provision and grace, to raise that money for the Bible College. It is amazing how tightly I personally clutch onto my finances and material things. Saints in India, the Middle East, and all over are literally dying for the sake of the Gospel and I initially had second thoughts about donating a $200 brick. At $200 a brick, we will need 1000 people to donate in order for us to meet our goal.

Please visit our website, www.indiangrace.org, to read more about Grace Bible College and IMI. Please contact me if I can send you a brochure on GBC with information on how to give. I realize that many people are trying to raise money for many things. God calls us to take care of each other. If you cannot financially donate, then by all means, please pray for the students and for our church as we go through this month. Thank you!

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