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Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Clean Day

I have always hated the preparation for Mondays. Who doesn't? The weekends are generally so lovely- Beau is home, our family is together, we go to church for spiritual growth and nourishment and fellowship with our body of believers. We even got to play Rock Band Sunday night with Boone and Stacie. Oh, yeah.

I ordered a refurbished Wii from refurbishedwii.com. Check it out if you want. My sister Jessie says I will believe anything. I did believe that they would send me a refurbished Wii out of Asia for $19.99. We shall see. I just want to play the drums all night, every night. Perhaps my common sense left me while internet shopping. I will update if it ever comes. Or when I have to dispute the charge with Visa.

So, it is Monday and it is housecleaning day. While I certainly dread preparing to clean this home, I am so grateful when it is over and there is a lemony-fresh scent drifting through the rooms. It feels like the week is starting off right. I also got to clean out a few closets and rearrange the large and rather oddly-shaped fourth bedroom. We got a bookshelf at the DR Horton furnishing liquidation this weekend and I needed to put it somewhere and fill it up. So I did, and the rooms feels better. Yippee! As mommies know, the house stays clean for about the duration of our sweet childrens' naptimes, so I was so grateful that Beau came home for lunch and got to see a clean house. He picked up my co-op order for me, too. So he came home to a happy wife.


Brandy said...

I was thankful for your husband today as he picked up my co-op order for me, too.

What I mean is, he lifted it and put it in the back of my Suburban. This saved me at least 3000 contractions. :)

I did, however, miss catching a glimpse of you...

Jennifer said...

I miss you, too! You are so close to your due date, so next time I see you, you will probably be smaller and with baby O. in tow!

Mike Barker said...

Hey so I'm curious how that order from the Wii website went?

Just found it and looking for some success or something =P

Would ya mind emailing me letting me know? Thanks!!


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