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Friday, December 26, 2008

Dog Attack!


Jessie and I were out for our run this morning- we decided to do our longer run, which circles almost 4 miles. We were on the last leg, running by a small field when we saw a man with his German Shepherd. As Jessie was saying, "I hate dogs", the Shepherd shot after us. Occasionally on our runs, we have little dogs yip after us- nothing we couldn't punt away if we wanted to. It is generally funny. This was not! The dog first came after me and bit into my arm, ripping my favorite workout shirt. Then, as I stood there yelling, "Get your dog! Get your dog!", the dog turned on Jessie and started biting at her arm.

The owner finally got to us and pulled the dog away. We were both shaking. Jessie started yelling at the poor guy and wanted his "information". We finally just walked away because thankfully neither one of us was really hurt. Both of our shirts were ripped and we were shaken up, but no one was bleeding.

That dog had no reason not to bite through to our skin, so all praise and glory goes to my Protector, the Lord God.

Jessie went to work this morning and told the story to one of her offices and the first thing the medical assistant said was, "You got up at 6:15 to go running this morning?!"

So we will run on!


Brandy said...

Oh my word! I am so glad you are both okay!

Jennifer said...

Me too!

Jana said...

wow! i can't believe he didn't break the skin! that's scary!!

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