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Friday, January 30, 2009

Dressing the Maiden

I was itching to sew, I was forbidden from spending any money on projects, I had a sick baby, and I was cleaning out drawers...project time! I have been wanting to try this basic pattern for about a 6 months. I found enough scrap fabric to experiment with some fun dresses for little girls! I adore the idea of little girls wearing dresses and tights and bows while they learn appropriate manners and speak of Lovely Things.

My little girl likes to burp and then laugh hysterically. She likes to run around naked and stick her belly out, saying "betty...betty!". She gets spaghetti sauce all over her face and old T-shirt and runs to me, grinding it into my shoulder. She says "mine!" and "nnnnnnnno!" but does not yet speak of Lovely Things. But she is a lovely thing, and I was so excited to think about her and pray for her while I was attempting these dresses. The pink and the blue ones are for Rebecca, and the other two are for little friends of hers, one of which whose daddy fights fires.

A damper was put on my creativity after reading Brandy's post about the CSPIA. Please read it and follow her advice. I am going to.

Praise God that He stands before time and is sovereign over all things.

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Brandy said...

Jennie, Those dresses are wonderful! I always admire your creativity. We have a similar dress, in white linen and lace, crafted from pillow cases that belonged to Si's great grandma! We have waited to do our child dedication of Q. because we wanted her to fit in this beautiful dress. The designer (my mother-in-law hired someone in Nashville to make the dress as she herself doesn't sew) embroidered Q's initials onto the gown. It is wonderful.

A. and I have a goal of learning to sew together in the next couple of years. You will be amazed how quickly they learn to appreciate what is Lovely.


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