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Monday, January 26, 2009

We're sick

It has been awhile since we have been sick. We go to a small church- granted, with a lot of babies- but small nonetheless. We have stopped going to the gym and picking up germs there. God has been very gracious to us this year in protecting us from the nasty bugs circulating amongst the sippy cup set.

But we were hit yesterday. Jackson started running a fever late in the evening and was up about every two hours last night. Since Beau is his favorite person, poor Daddy did not get much sleep last night. The kids and I literally laid around the house all day today, sneaking intermittent naps here and there.

Jackson's fever seems to have broken this evening after a day of pain and moaning. He has not eaten toast, soup, or any comfort food for 24 hours. What was the first food he asked for?


No kidding. That kid is hilarious.

Here is the nest we created for our sick day. Daddy was happy to come home and participate in our loungefest. We had some chicken noodle soup made with leftover chicken stock and will be praying that we get better soon.

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Jana said...

haha! steak, huh? that's awesome! everyone in our house is sick, too. i'm getting ready to take micah to the doctor when he wakes up from his nap. we just can't seem to shake it, instead we "lovingly" pass it back and forth! grr.


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