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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brown Rice Bento Balls

I have been re-reading Sugar Blues by William Dufty. Sugar has an interesting and disturbing history. Dufty says science shows that sugar affects humans much like a drug. Sugar is a cause of many physical and mental illnesses. It is a fascinating read, if you are into such things. He gives examples of how to "kick the habit". I found it refreshing to have a few practical ways to eat sugar-free, instead of having half the book devoted to recipes that I can get out of any cookbook. Many new mainstream pseudoscience nutrition/diet books have gone this half information/half recipe route, and I feel like most of those are a waste of money or time at the library. This book is not! I tried out the brown rice ball idea. Dufty says he makes them for picnics or road trips, as they keep well. I am making mine for lunches and snacks for myself, as well as Beau and the children.
I bought these "umeboshi plums" (salted preserved plums) from the Asian market on White Lane. I got about 30 for $7.99 and the clerk was very helpful. I still can't pronounce "umeboshi" correctly, though.

I made a huge pot of brown jasmine rice from Trader Joes and cooked the rice until it was relatively dry and sticky. I used an ice cream scoop to scoop out the hot rice.

I put a big square piece of Saran Wrap inside a small teacup and scooped the rice inside. I pushed two umeboshi plums into the center and then I twisted up the plastic wrap and made a ball with the rice. The salted plums are supposed to preserve and flavor the rice. Beau is going to get to take these to work with him for a snack instead of the healthy but sugar-filled breakfast bars he has been eating. I hope my family likes them!

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