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Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I would like to write about so many things, but there is really no time! I have to take poor Rebecca to the doctor in an hour for a bad cough. Normally I would take her to the naturopath or consult my Prescription for Nutritional Healing, but we get to take a family vacation this week and I would like her to have antibiotics just in case... and as a courtesy to the other family we are traveling with!

From the "Jennie got hosed again" file:

I found a cheap mattress on Craigslist for $279. The deal included a pillowtop full mattress, a boxspring, and free delivery. I talked to the man who deals them and asked him twice if it was a refurbished mattress (if you did not see the Dateline special last year, count yourself thankful) and both times, he assured me that the mattress was, indeed, brand new. I was elated at what a great steward I was being. The mattress arrived in a plastic cover and I inspected it to find it clean, white, new, and problem-free.


Long story short, I was informed by a friend who took advantage of the same deal that the mattresses were refurbished and who knows what could be hiding in there. Sheesh. However, my daughter has been sleeping on the mattress for about six months. I change the bed weekly and have never noticed anything out of the ordinary. I called the man who sold me the mattress and he said he would be in town on Tuesday and we could take care of my problem then (right). So I worried about my problem for a few days intermittantly while I had Rebecca sleep on top of the covers. Even if he did come pick up his questionable mattress and give me my money back, I would still be out a mattress and my daughter would be without a place to sleep for a few days. And then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found this! It fully envelops the mattress with a plastic-like protective, anti-microbial shield. This way, if Ronaldo decides not to answer his phone, I will still have peace of mind letting my daughter sleep in someone else's old mattress- which most of our mattresses are, anyway. We just know the people who used to sleep in them :)

* * *

We had our last session of our preschool co-op today. We ended for the summer just in time for one of the girls to adopt a baby and another girl to prepare for her last few weeks of pregnancy. Our family has been traveling a lot for Beau's job and we are all just generally tired. It has been a great time of learning and fellowship with the other families. There were four mommy-teachers and four preschool-aged children. We started out with two other baby/toddlers, and then a third baby was born in January. Two of us got pregnant during the school year, and I miscarried. We have been through sharing disputes, children who refuse to sit on their mats, children who refuse to sing and participate, mud and paint on mommies' kitchen tables and floors, and one harrowing surprise peanut-allergy attack. The kids had so much fun and I learned so much from the other moms. Most of all, I loved getting a good start to my week as we met Mondays at 8 a.m. I won't miss that part!

I want to post a string of activities that we did in preschool with a general curriculum. Hopefully I can post one or two a week.

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