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Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day

At Beau's parents' home on Fahter's Day afternoon.
The kids love the bubbles in the spa
With Pop and Mattie

When I married Beau, the idea of children was a novel concept that we occasionally entertained. At 19, I practically was a child myself. I wasn't a Christian. I had no idea what the biblical standard of marriage and parenthood was. I wasn't looking for a mate who would be an exemplary husband and solid father. I just thought Beau was cute and I had fun with him.

As the years began to pass, we found ourselves with the desire to have children. Much of the desire came from being part of the Riverlakes Young Marrieds' small group. .

And then He blessed us with two in two years, long story short.

Suddenly, we were not only husband and wife, but father and mother. We had many wiser couples to learn from, thankfully. There was, and is, much learning to be done! I had always wondered what kind of father my husband would be. I did not think I would be disappointed, but I wasn't quite sure how he would take to his new role.

I admired these things about his character: patience, compassion, attentiveness, and discernment. As these three years have passed, I have seen just how God has sharpened Beau's gifts. He comes home to children who run into his arms. They adore their father. He spends as much time as possible with them. He so enjoys tumbling with them, talking with them, and teaching them. He seeks to discipline according to God's Word. The children respond to this and love him all the more. His compassion with the children exceeds my own. He is longsuffering with discipline issues and the emotional strain two toddlers put one under. He holds fast to the rules he sets, but does not set a rule if there is no reason to. I am humbled once again by God's provision to our family. Even after a rocky start to our life together, my husband has grown into an incredible, godly husband and father.

And he can kill a pesky fly in midair. With no flyswatter.

Happy Father's Day, darling.


Jennifer Gray said...

I think the fly swatting is a Woodward trait! I've always cracked up at Gabe's obsession with whacking flies mid-air. That is so funny. :) :)

Jana said...

Isn't it just incredible the way God changes hearts and lives? I would love to hear your guys' story some day! I'm praising God, with you, for quality, godly men who choose to serve and love their families the way God calls them to!

Happy (late) Father's Day, Beau!


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