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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hospital Gowns

My sister-in-law has been telling me about a ministry her good friend has begun pursuing. Here is a direct, plagiarized, but well-intentioned copy of what Jen wrote on her blog. I am passing along the cry for help while i figure out a pattern for a toddler hospital gown.

I am also humbly praising God for his mercy in that my children have never needed to wear a toddler hospital gown.

I sent an email out to my friends and family who sew asking for them to consider making hospital "dresses" for babies who need to be hospitalized. I was talking to a mom today who often spends weeks at a time in the hospital with her 2 year old (days younger than Jordan). Someone made her a few dresses for her to wear rather than hospital gowns.
It was so touching to her and I can understand why.
When your child is in the hospital hooked up to machines and wires, wearing hospital issue (way to big) gowns it's too easy to forget what they are without all of it. So quickly parents and others forget to think of them in all their personality. It's easy for doctors to see this assembly line of patients when they do their rounds and to think only of the case. My favorite thing has always been putting Jordan's own clothes on her when she's in the hospital but it's often way too challenging with everything she's hooked up to as well as large casts and bandages.
I remember when she was in PICU for five days hooked up to a respirator, a central line, an IV, a pulse oximeter, a cast on every limb except one and bandages on her face. I HAD to at least brush her hair and put a cute bow in it. It didn't matter that she was sleeping through it.
I hung pictures of her up on her bed so the staff would see her the way she is - laughing, being silly, playing, etc. Fun, cute, thoughtful dresses would've made my week.
These dresses would be perfect. They are a similar concept - open in the back with a button or two and a long gown type thing that can give medical staff easy access to the baby/toddler. BUT they are SO cute! There are so many cute, colorful fabrics and styles that can be used with these...ruffles, pleats, embroidery, fun stitching, sports themes for boys, or cars and trains. The possibilities are endless for you creative types.
My sewing skills are limited so I need help. I need someone who is good at this who would be willing to come to my house with her sewing machine (or have me to her house) with a few other women who are interested so we can figure this out (unless you all can figure it out on your own).
We all need to make two - yes just two.
Then we can deliver them with cards to families at CHOC (Children's Hospital Orange County) or my personal favorite UCLA Children's where Jordan has spent many, many days.
I also envision somehow putting a bible verse in them...perhaps low cost tags that can have writing on them (my friend did this for a baby blanket she crocheted for Noah) and of course the cards of encouragement can use scripture.
Seriously friends I'm so excited about this but I can't do it alone.
I need creative seamstresses to add their own flair.
I need spatially gifted seamstresses who can help with the pattern (very simple!).
If you don't sew you can purchase fabric or send money for it.
We can find so many cute patterns in clearance racks for next to nothing or we can buy sheets that are on clearance with cute patterns or get Ikea fabric...the sky's the limit.
Post on here if you're interested - many of you have received an email about it and I'm looking forward to seeing who is interested.

P.S. It is me again...Jen's blog is www.babyjordangray.blogspot.com. You can head over there for pictures of the gowns.

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