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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Naptime Prayers

At night, Beau reads to Jackson and prays with him while I do the same with Rebecca. But at naptime, I get to read to both of them and tuck them both in. Today, Jackson fell asleep on the couch while I was cleaning Rebecca up from our pasta lunch. So Rebecca and I got to take our time with our nap rituals. I have been enjoying singing "How Great Thou Art" (the hymn, not an idolotrous ode to my daughter) with Rebecca the past few weeks because she has started singing along. It melts my heart to hear and see. I keep meaning to take the video camera in there at night to record her sweet little voice, but I forget nightly.

As she and I were praying before her nap, I stopped talking to see if she would pray. She said, "thank (You for) Jackson, thank...Jackson, thank Daddy, thank choc-at milky!"

The most precious things in her little world. I love it.

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