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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Shoes

There is a discount shoe store called DB Shoes on California Avenue, next to Lassen's. We wandered in there at the beginning of the summer to buy off-brand Crocs (my children have w-i-d-e feet) and I was delighted to find real Crocs for only $15.00. So we bought a pair for each of the children.

However, plastic shoes...well, they stretch. Rebecca's lasted about three months, and Jackson's just died two days ago. So we went back in today to look for another pair to finish out the summer. I had promised my son a few weeks ago, while killing time in a shoe store out of town, that I would some day buy him Cars shoes. I really had hoped that he would forget this flippant promise, because I detest the branding of children's products by Disney and company. I do not want my son walking around in Lightning McQueen anything.

But I was the one who took us to the store- and lo and behold, right there in the Crocs display was a whole group of ugly red plastic shoes with the Cars logo. We were in a hurry, so after a pathetic attempt to reason with a preschooler, I relented and bought him a cheap pair of bright red Crocs that are two sizes too big.He loves them!

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