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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday, the children and I discussed proper manners regarding coughing and sneezing. I will consider it a small personal victory if either one of them ever covers their mouths while doing either. We also talked about a proper response when another person coughs or sneezes: "God bless you!".

Jessie babysat last night and ended up sleeping over. The two of us were sitting in the living room, eating breakfast and watching Jackson chase a tiny feather around the room. He was getting frustrated with the way the fan kept blowing the feather up to the ceiling. He was concentrating so hard that he sneezed when the feather blew by.

He said, "I blessed on it!".

It was a nice way to start a morning.

1 comment:

Jennifer Gray said...

That is so cute!! I hope you wrote it down.


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