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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rebecca Turns Two

We got to have a barbeque with friends and family to celebrate Rebecca's birthday. Gabe and Staci brought this awesome water slide!
Aunt Jessie and Mike
Cousin Reese with her favorite thing about Auntie's house.
Rebecca began to understand the ritual of opening presents at this celebration.
Papa Eggs, Jessie, Mommy, and the kids.

Happy birthday, Rebecca Sky! She brings such joy to our day. From the moment she wakes up, she is smiling and ready to interact. She loves to be around people. Jackson can play by himself or watch a movie alone, but Rebecca won't last five minutes if people aren't around.

She loves to push her dolls in the stroller. She will swing on the swings as often as I will push her. She will eat almost anything, nothing like her picky brother. She bounces on all the furniture and loves to be hurled through the air by her daddy. I love the age of 2. Different facets of her personality are emerging daily. Her hair is getting longer, her body is very strong, she talks more and more each day- she is truly becoming a little girl. She repeats each question her brother asks me. Currently, the favorites are, "What time is it?", and "Why?".

We are blessed to be the parents of Rebecca. I love to sing to her each night and pray with her. Her young mind thinks of things to be thankful for. She sings along to our hymn and wants to cuddle a bit before I turn off the light. I am excited to see what the coming years bring for her. God is so good.

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