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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Week In Review

Look! It is the autumn bounty from my garden!....Well, almost. It is about 30 smallish, misshapen, but delicious carrots. And four yummy onions. The kids and Jessie and I pulled up our harvest, washed all the dirt off outside, and then used the Cuisinart to finely slice our veggies. We sauteed them with butter, garlic, white wine, and salt. Oh, yummy. It looks like there are enough carrots in the garden for about four more dinners. The onions, leeks, and chives are ready. My tomatoes are dead and gone. I pulled them out to make room for the
This are the firstfruits of my adventure into bowmaking. As previously mentioned, I was led to a great tutorial, so I stocked up on some cheap Wal-Mart ribbon and started practicing. It is a little more difficult than I had originally thought, but the results are quick and satisfying! These brown bows are for our little friend Jules.
Rebecca Sky's namesake, my counselor, mentor, and eventual friend, has three daughters. So these bows will be sent this week to Sky's girls- Macy, Jessy, and Clancy Claire .

Football season has officially begun...yippee...and I got ribbon enough for two sets of USC Trojan bows. These bows are for Rebecca and her cousin, Reese.
Here are the two cousins on our wonderful, whirlwind trip to the beach last week. Fog, clam chowder, the jacuzzi, and homemade Avila Barn ice cream...what a lovely way to spend a day!

Here is the dress that Jackson and I made for Rebecca's cherished, loved-on, completely dirty baby. That poor doll gets dragged everywhere and her built-in outfit is permanently gray. So we gave her a shower and sewed her a dress. She looks a little less homeless for the time being.
This is my version of the diaper/wipes case. I have been making these for about three years, but I forget to do them as I pursue other projects. But there is a new mommy I know that I thought could use a small gift, so I used my fabric scraps to make this diaper/wipes holder. It holds three diapers and a travel pack of wipes. I originally liked its practicality with Jackson because once unrolled, the case acted as a changing pad with a pillow (the extra diapers).

Guess who is almost to the half-way mark for baby brother! I can't say I love the camera, especially while pregnant and expanding, but I so want to chronicle this pregnancy in pictures as I did the other two. Especially because this time, I have a blog! After Beau took this picture, I was shocked to see that my belly was nowhere near as huge as it feels and looks to me. That just means that there is a looong way to go!

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