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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ah, weekends...

We celebrated my mom's 52nd birthday on Thursday with a small gathering and a lovely cake made by my talented friend Summer. I can't bake. I don't like to bake. Wait. I do enjoy every lick of batter or frosting that I get to enjoy when I must make a cake or cookies. Anyway, I didn't make this one. It was a good thing- I think it took Summer three or four hours to do. So I was free to slave over the frozen pizzas my mom wanted me to heat up for her birthday dinner. Occasionally, my domestic diva dreams get pushed aside for practicality. Happy birthday, Dear Mommy.
The most excited participants at the party were these two. They even got hats.
Becca got to spend some quality time with Papa Eggs. Although this was the one day she decided to skip her nap entirely, she was almost angelic for the entire evening. Way to go, little girl!
I don't know what it is with these two. If one is smiling, the other is goofing off. I surely do adore these boys...

* * *

Friday night was the first crisp night of the autumn. We celebrated with friends by watching Shrek outside. Lovely! Lots of snacks, good conversation, warm blankets to snuggle with, and five contented children alternately watching the DVD, snacking, and playing in the backyard.
Viva suburbia!

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