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Sunday, October 25, 2009

San Francisco

Beau had business in San Francisco this past week and invited us to come with him. I love that city. I asked Jessie to come with us and help out with the kids and she said yes! She was so much help. It is exhausting for a pregnant lady to walk up and down huge hills with a double stroller and two heavy kids, but worth every second for the views, the fresh air, and the exercise. Jessie was sweet to hold one of the children every little bit. She also took the stroller from me occasionally. We were able to go into a few shops, but not as many as we would if we were by ourselves. Thursday, she and I walked around the city with the kids while Beau worked. Friday was a vacation day for Beau, so the five of us took the trolley to Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square. We went to the aquarium and ate bread bowls for lunch. We finished our trip with a huge sundae at Ghirardelli and then we went home.
Better than a stroller!
This was Rebecca's first trolley ride. She loved it.
The escalator at the aquarium was more fun to the kids than the aquarium itself.

We got to touch a little shark!

I hate to spend money on trinkets, but I know it gives Beau joy to let the kids pick something out. They chose umbrellas. It was a good choice. Theoretically, one could re-use an umbrella. However, our umbrellas lasted almost a whole day before they were broken. It was not the fault of the manufacturer. I realized I am always the picture-taker and never in the pictures, so Beau had me get in with the kids for a photo op. Yes, I am hiding behind my cute children like a coward with my big pregnant belly.

Okay, we had ice cream two days in a row. This is Ben and Jerry's at the Union Square park. It was vacation, after all!
This is the balloon hat and sword that Beau got for Jackson as we walked around the first evening. It lasted about 10 minutes before he decided to eat the sword and pop the balloon. Can you see why I don't like spending money on trinkets? : )
Rebecca got to wear her new dress...she looked precious.

Fountains are always mesmerizing for the children...
And this is how we finish every trip!

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