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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bread Alone

When Daddy goes to the grocery store, he comes back with all sorts of fun things, like a whole loaf of soft, yummy artisan bread. But if Mommy turns her back for a minute, the bread goes missing! We found the culprit. Luckily for her, she is too cute to punish.

I looked at these pictures right after I studied John 6 this morning. Man truly cannot live by bread alone. The multitudes initially followed Christ because He fed them. He cared about their physical needs, to be sure, but how much more was He trying to reach their hearts? Physical bread will cause us to hunger again, but the Bread of Life will sustain us for eternity. In John 6:11, Scripture says that Christ had enough bread and fish for everyone to eat all that they wanted. I love the picture of abundant food. I'm thankful that when I ask Him for spiritual bread, He gives me ask much as I could possibly want.

In other news,

If you don't have a Kirby vacuum, you have probably been harassed by their salespeople, who ask you if they can clean your carpet for free and then spend the next three hours guilting you into buying a vacuum. Okay, that only happened to us once. But it took a PB&J sandwich and a glass of milk to finally get that poor sales guy to leave.


It costs $129 to have your vacuum cleaned when you accidentally vacuum up hours-old cat poop that you didn't see under the soil that said cat scooped out of your only houseplant to hide its poop and you thought you were only cleaning up soil but all of the sudden the stench is so bad that you realize for certain what happened and so you get out the bleach and rubbing alcohol to clean the vacuum and start scrubbing before realizing I am pregnant and perhaps just contracted toxoplasmosis but oh well this darn vacuum is getting clean and so you call Kirby and they laugh at you because apparently it is the first time someone has ever vacuumed up cat poop in the history of Kirby and so you ask them how soon they can clean your vacuum and they say right now for $129 and you laugh and ask how you can do it yourself and the man walks you through the process and so you haul your 100 pound vacuum outside and disassemble the entire blame thing and clean every nook and cranny of all this strangely once-liquid-now-dried cat poop and your son is thinking this is so funny but is trying to be a help anyway with the pressure nozzle of the hose and you are both dripping wet while you are mouthing words one ought not mouth while around children and you finally get it cleaned and put back together and you call your husband and explain to him just how glad he should be that you just saved him $129 and from now on when he is kind enough to take out the cat box if he could be just as so kind to bring it back inside within the hour or especially the day for heaven's sake and then you go wash the cat poop out from under your fingernails and the crevices of your wedding ring and get yourself some Reese's pieces for a job well done.

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Swimwife said...

you are sooo funny!


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