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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Aprons

Here is the next round of aprons.
I'm glad I had a reason to go to Strawberry Patches to look at different new fabrics.
This particular green and purple is my personal favorite- the Eva line from Moda. I used it on a quilt and loved seeing it on something bigger.
I do believe that these are the last of these aprons, though. They take some time to do. Fun, though!
Here is my constant distractor. Or companion. She loves to play with the fabric I cut and piece together. She also refuses to acknowledge any real cat toys I place in front of her. She just wants to be a part of the action!


Suzanne said...

You say they take some time but seriously. You just bought that fabric last week! Come on girl. You're preggers with two small children. Give me a break! Great job. Love your kitty too.

Jennifer said...

We had a sick day yesterday! I got a lot of sewing done while Beau laid on the couch and the kids climbed on us. It was glorious : ) I'll be in again to see you soon...I need one more apron!


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