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Monday, December 14, 2009

Look who joined us for breakfast the other morning! We heard him rustling around in his room- usually, he bolts out from the back each morning in search of Daddy. This time, he poked his head out, ducked back into his room, and re-entered the universe as Buzz Lightyear. He has an organizer in his closet- 5 hanging shelves. We noticed that the shelves hold nothing except his Buzz getup.

Shelf 1- Space Suit
Shelf 2- Wings
Shelf 3- Boots
Shelf 4- Purple Cap
Shelf 5- Light-up Goggles

I do believe we have gotten our money's worth out of this investment. And it has given him hours of imaginative play.

Here is the quilt I made for some of Beau's clients. The couple live in Santa Barbara and just purchased a new home by the water, so I found a Moda Layer Cake pattern called "Odyssea". I love the browns and blues and reds together. It was yet another chance to use my awesome ruffler foot. I have never done a blue ruffle and I like it. Jessie is very non-excitedly modeling the blanket for me. There are fish, flower, and damask patterns on the cotton 10x10 pieces, and I backed it with a yummy chocolate brown minkee.
I love this picture. It reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. Somehow a giant basket of laundry landed square on top of a poor baby doll. We checked afterwards. The doll made it out alive.
I had blogged last week about the children climbing into the crib and reading and snuggling together. Here they are again, happy as clams.

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Ambassador For Christ to Parents said...

Buzz Lightyear. Hmmm. Pretty awesome. I hope he eats his veggies. Treasure him always.

Nice blanket, too.


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