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Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

Captain's Log:
(Co-Captain, if you are being specific)

January 22, 2010

Day five of sickness, fever, and vomiting. Co-captain getting a bit of cabin fever. Has seriously considered strapping first mate to flagpole to get some quiet while second mate's fever runs its course.

Rain, wind, and clouds exacerbating situation.

Almanac gives hope on horizon: blue skies this morning, as predicted. Second mate's fever broke unexpectedly early. She is still complaining of stomach ache and headache but is talking today. Co-captain considering a short jaunt up to the main deck to get some fresh air.

Drawing on knowledge that God's mercies are truly new every morning. Praising Him to be able to see this for myself, what with the blue skies and broken fever. Praising Him that while this is difficult, I am thankful for children who are generally healthy and happy. So blessed.

Signing off to attend to duties.


Suzanne said...

Cute post. I hope you have smooth sailing ahead.

KaraHaus said...

Hey Jennifer! Hope everyone is feeling better! Cute BLOG and I am so glad I get the chance to follow it...what a beautiful fam!

Thanks for the comment on my BLOG! I love comments. Please feel free to ask any questions and drop by the store ANYTIME, if you can, with your quilt(s) and I will walk you through some free motion quilting techniques!

Have a great weekend Jennifer!


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