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Monday, February 15, 2010

First Date

Look who got all dressed up to hit the town with a very handsome man.
She and I had been talking about her Very Special Date for three days. By the time Daddy got home from work on Friday, she was very excited. Auntie Jessie and Mommy dressed her and got her ready, and Daddy escorted her out to Chili's and then to Riverlakes Church for their first Father-Daughter Dance. I cried.
This is more her picture-posing style. I love it!
Her dress is made with this pattern, using leftover fabric from past projects. It felt good to drag out my sewing machine and have a chance to be crafty. It has been awhile since I have gotten the chance. My distraction is quite welcome, though!

I narrowed the arms on this dress (the bell sleeves were quite pronounced on the last dress I made with this pattern) and switched out the obi for a narrow belt. The detail on the belt, as well as the matching bows, are made using this awesome tutorial by Suzanne. You have to bookmark her blog for her Tutorial Tuesdays!


Farm Girl said...

Very cute and what a nice thing for her to do with her Daddy. I always thought it was a big accomplishment to finally get the sewing machine out after a new baby. My kids were laughing the other day that every time I got my machine out, I had to make a million toys for them.

Jennifer said...

Toys! How fun! Would you be willing to share some ideas or tutorials? ;)

KaraHaus said...

Love it! Makes me want a girl so I can dress her up all cute!

I understand the fear of RSV, Swine Flu, etc, etc. I would stay in with a new little one too!

Talk soon!

NetRaptor said...

You can just whip the sewing machine out and make something that quick? Wow! You must be feeling better. :-)

Suzanne said...

Love Rebecca's dress and your custom touches. I about cried when I noticed the roses. How cool. Now I know who to call when I need a darling model for my tutorials. Glad to see you are sewing again.

Jennifer said...

Kessie, I can sew but I sure can't draw! I'm enjoying looking through your art blog.

Suzanne, thanks for the inspiration! I love that your share your creativity with all of us. Hope to see you and Kara and Amanda soon.


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