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Friday, March 5, 2010

Things were starting to settle down...

Then Baby got sick.

The older children had colds two weeks ago, and I do believe that I got prideful about how strong I thought Roman's immune system was. I let Rebecca kiss his face while she was still sick, and Roman caught the bug.

After two sleep-less nights, I took up my sister-in-law's offer to borrow this:Which is quite a step above this:

It uses a motorized, hospital-grade vacuum to get all of the available mucous out of the little one's nose. It has helped so very much. We were scared that the cold was not a cold at all, but the dreaded RSV. After lots of internet research and two professional opinions, we are pretty sure it is just a cold.

Yes, these are the exciting things that I am blogging about these days. Thank you for reading anyway.

As an ending note, there is nothing quite like the humility that comes from cradling a sick baby and realizing how unworthy it makes one feel to do so. God has entrusted us with not only the physical well-being of this child, but also with his spiritual life. This is nearly overwhelming. I simply praise God that I cannot do either of these things of my own power. He promises to walk me through my days with my children. And only He can give the increase.

What sweet relief.

Happy Birthday to you, Staci! You bless our family more than you know..love you, sister : )


Brandy Afterthoughts said...

You are a good mommy, Jen.

Suzanne said...

'snot pretty - all that mucus. I remember those little suckers. Can you image the germs that live and breed in there? And they say tub toys harbor germs...

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Suzanne, for that lovely thought ;)

Brandy, I learn from the best (friends/bloggers/you :) )

NetRaptor said...

Ooh, the poor baby! I hope everybody feels better soon. Sick babies are no fun at all.

KaraHaus said...

Hey Friend! I am just thinking and praying for you today!

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