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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fried Mush

Walk with me as I put theory into practice. Of course, most of you are light years ahead of me, so please teach me as I go! I would love your input, suggestions, and wisdom. I think that will help me stick to my plan.

Here was breakfast this morning.

I had leftover brown rice from lunch yesterday. At the suggestion of the "Fried Mush" recipe from Nourishing Traditions, I made some breakfast pancakes. (Sally uses oatmeal, but I thought this would suffice).

1. Break an egg over a cup and a half of brown rice (or oatmeal). Stir well.

2. Start melting your coconut oil or butter in a hot pan.
3. Add the rice by the heaping spoonful and mash down to form cakes.
4. Fry until the edges are brown and crispy. We poured a bit of raw local honey over the pancake to make it "breakfast-y". I can't believe the children ate these, but they did. I thought they were delicious, but they do not look anything like regular pancakes so I was worried. Fried mush, eggs, homemade ketchup, and raw milk. Wow. That makes, like, three whole meals that I feel good about.

We did have pizza last night at my nephew's birthday party. And ice cream cake. It was delicious. :)

Baby steps.


Farm Girl said...

Personally I think it looks yummy. I love to eat like that in fact, I am having Muesli for lunch. Good job and eating healthier. :)

NetRaptor said...

Hey Jennifer, I have a Mixmaster that somebody gave me. I don't use it that much, and I think you need it more than me. Drop me a line at netraptor1 at netraptor dot org. :-)

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

We love fried mush, too! I used to make it more before we had the ducks, because those gals adore our leftover oatmeal. However, comma, I used to make it a lot with leftover grits (Si is from the South, so I made some for him for a while there until I got tired of having to double-soak corn), and the kids would eat it as snack the next day with a dab of jelly on top. Yummy!

Glad you are enjoying this. To be honest, I have found every single NT recipe I have tried is something everyone liked, more or less.

Suzanne said...

Good for you for eating healthy. Love that you just threw in Roman's photo at the end. Mush and cute babies...I could just eat them both up!

Gabe said...

Sorry for messing you guys up with the pizza! :) love you sis


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