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Friday, June 4, 2010

Here comes the bride!

The kids are in a wedding this weekend! We are so excited. I got to embellish this basket and make a ring bearer pillow. Then I found a flower girl dress on Etsy for Rebecca as well as a cute hodgepodge of formalwear for Jackson. I ordered a blue shirt online and it came with a tie. I was thrilled that the set was only $6.99. But then I tried it on him...disaster! The tie came to the top of his belly button. The shirt is a little tight, even though it said "5/6", but I can make the shirt work. The tie, not so much.

So I went to my beloved treasure trove of crafty web resources and found this tutorial. Then I scavenged around Beau's closet for a color-theme-appropriate tie and went to work.

The big tie is what I started with.
The little tie is what I ended up with. It took about 30 minutes (probably would have taken less time, but since it was for a wedding, I wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible!)
I extracted the little clip from the too-short tie and and worked it onto the new tie. I tried on his whole outfit: shirt, tie, suspenders, and pants- adorable! My prayer for the children is that they would follow instructions and not be a distraction of any kind. Update on Monday.
Have a blessed weekend!

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Brenda said...

and you say you don't have time to sew...looks to me like you have been busy doing some sewing! :-) The kids will be fabolous - remember perfection is probably not what everyone will be looking for - sheer utter cuteness on the other hand is what its all about. And your kiddos have that all taken care of!


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