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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Sorry; I Can't Talk Right Now...

I have three children.

And I'm crafting.

I have been hoarding felt to make new bows for anyone I can give them away to. Check out Kutz on Etsy for some fabulous pre-cut pieces. My 1960's era pinking shears were not cutting it.

Hee hee.

My kitchen is also full of lacto-fermented goodies. Currently, ginger carrots and raw milk kefir are fermenting on the counter.

I wake up and it's Monday. I go to sleep (yes, sleep!) and it's Friday. Dear heavens, my children will soon be teenagers!

And we were all sick this week. Hence the impulsive lacto-fermentation. I started eating saurkraut out of the jar one night and I got a look.

"Seriously. That's disgusting".

My poor husband.

Speaking of which, I had my ten-year-high-school-reunion.

Guess who won the award for Longest Married?

And Most Children?


NetRaptor said...

Wow. Fermenting your own vegetables. That is hardcore. That is way more hardcore than I think I could be. I've been pondering making my own yogurt in the crockpot, and that's about as hardcore as I can go.

But hey, if it's helping your body get back in balance and you're sleeping again, it's worth it!

Jennifer said...

I love to hear from you, Kessie! How are you?

Kara Haushalter said...

Love those hair clips....wishin I had a girl you could make one for. Interesting veggies. Glad to hear that you are sleeping again...isn't sleep great, it is such a precious commodity for us moms. Hope to see you soon!

NetRaptor said...

I'm pretty good, Jennifer! I'm glad you seem to be bouncing back a bit. Crafts and cooking-wise, anyway! I wish we could get together at Mom's before summer runs out. Here it is August already.


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