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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five in a Row

My girlfriend lent me this book and it has changed the way I look at home learning. I love it! Instead of trying to do a mishmash of "subjects" (and feeling guilty when I fail) I just use this book.

The concept of Five in a Row is that you read a different classic children's book each day in a school week. After finishing the story, you use the guide to explore the story further and learn a little more about some particular subject.

For example, we are stuck on "The Story of Ping", an endearing children's book written in 1933 about a little duck who lives on the Yangtze River. So far, in just about 15 minutes each day, we have read the book probably 20 times (they want it for a breakfast story, a rest time story, and an evening story right now) and we have learned about the Yangtze River, why the water is "yellow", about the colored pencil technique of illustrating, etc.

Just wanted to share :)


Farm Girl said...

I loved 5 in a Row and used it with my two youngest boys. I loved all of the books and I loved everything about it. I was so sad when they outgrew it. I think some of the stuff out there now is so much better than it was in the beginning.
It helps you to enjoy your kids and teaching your kids as a blessing.
I am glad you are using that.

Anonymous said...

I love Five in a Row!! I'm glad you have found something you like!! Homeschooling is such a joy!!

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Fabulous! Any book that helps us read good books to our children is our friend. :) I'm glad you are enjoying it...


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