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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is Anyone Else Glad it is Saturday?

Apple picking is my own personal harbinger of fall. This year, it was 90 degrees and a little windy up in ol' Tehachapi, but it still felt rather fall-ish.
We trekked up the mountain with our dear friends, the Highfills. After picking, we picnicked. Then, we hit the Apple Shed for some delicious fudge. Can it get any more Fall than that?

It was not yet jeans-wearing weather, but no one seemed to care.The apples taste like earth and sugar, crisp and delicious.
Can't wait till next year!

* * *
Daddy has decided it is time for the children to be exposed to Looney Tunes. I pick and choose my battles and this is one I will not fight. Bugs Bunny is not my first choice for a role model, but there are worse things my children can be doing on a Saturday morning than cuddling up to their father, giggling at the loony antics of Merrie Melodies.

So this morning, as I was brushing Rebecca's hair, I was just about to start singing our hair-brushing song, "Good Morning, God!".

And out from under a little ducked-down towhead, I heard this song:

"Kill the Wabbit...Kill the Wabbit...Kill the Wabbit".


NetRaptor said...

LOL! Well, technically she was singing classic music, right? So it's ... educational! Yeah!

Do you let them watch Winnie the Pooh? My munchkins love it. That and Veggietales. And 3-2-1 Penguins, which I like better.

Jennifer said...

Oh, how I love Winnie ther Pooh! We love to read and watch everything Bear. And Veggietales. I will have to check out 3-2-1 Penguins. How are you feeling?

NetRaptor said...

Oh, morning sickness and anemia, so about the usual. Tired. Gaggy. Nothing much to talk about.

3-2-1 Penguins is by the makers of Veggietales, so there's always a Bible verse involved in the story. It's about two kids staying at their grandma's for the summer, and they have these toy penguins and a toy rocketship that come to life and take them on exciting intergalactic adventures. The humor is slightly older than the Veggietales humor, and to me, much more funny. ("You get your orders on a fax machine?" "Yes .... why?")


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