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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday was Jessie's birthday. The llamas are a recurring birthday joke. We have forgotten why.
Guess who made the cake? I repeat, baking and decorating are not my strong points. If you saw the cake in person, you would know this is an understatement. Most of the cake is held together with frosting. Oh, the shame. At least a cake gets eaten. And it tasted pretty delicious. Especially souped together with ice cream.
The action was paused for a group photo op.
Yesterday was the second annual Jessie's Birthday Present Scavenger Hunt. We made up clues and had Jessie search around the house for her gifts. This was as exciting for Jackson as it was for Jessie.

Here is one of the clues, created by Jackson, verbatim:

Your little nephew, strong and thinking about it, is thinking your present is under the couch.

He tried. They will get better next year, I am sure.

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Farm Girl said...

That is a lovely cake, Jennifer. It looks like a very fun party. I love the clues.


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