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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We got an Evite in May. An invitation to a 4th of July party! The invite came from friends who live in Santa Barbara, and we thought we would get to travel to the coast for the holiday.

As we read through the invitation, we realized that the party would be in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Ha ha. I deleted the Evite.

However, through the magic of frequent flyer miles, babysitters straight from the Lord, and a good month at the office, we were able to go on vacation.

All. By. Ourselves.

We spent two full days exploring Boston. We saw the "Make Way for Ducklings" pond and the swan boats. We took the map from our hotel and set out, with no worries of naps, snacks, or meltdowns.
We toured Paul Revere's house.

And saw the Midnight Ride memorial. Then, onto Cape Cod, the most unreal, idyllic place we could ever ask for. This was one of the views from our room.
The property had two giant homes, right on the Cape.
We kayaked, swam, met new friends, and laid around in the sun.
There was a "kid house" and an "adult house". We were the grateful tenants of the "adult house" during our stay. The families who brought their children all lived within driving distance of Cape Cod.
We spent time at the end of the dock each day, just looking out over the water and enjoying the peace.
The time away with Beau was such a blessing. We were so happy to come back to our happy children and clean home.


Farm Girl said...

Oh how nice and what a incredible view. I am so glad you had a break.

Kara Haushalter said...

Isn't Cape Cod gorgeous!? SO SO glad you got away, I know you need it & I know that your heart needed it! Love you girl!

Anne said...

Oh what in the world! What an amazing vacation!! So glad you and your hubby got to get away by yourselves.=) Love you friend


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