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Monday, November 7, 2011

Traditional Sauerkraut

Would you like to start eating more "traditionally?" Are you confused as to where to start?

How about here? Sauerkraut.

Making sauerkraut is simplicity itself. You can even do it with little children. They love messy projects, and this can turn into a messy project. A fun, messy project.

Additionally, organic cabbage is quite cheap. I got two heads for under two dollars at Lassen's. You can make sauerkraut with red or white cabbage.

Supplies needed:

1-2 medium heads of cabbage
Sea Salt
Filtered Water
Homemade Whey
Shredded Carrots (optional)
Extra-Large Mason Jar

1. Use a large knife to shred the cabbage. Have your little ones stuff the shreds into the mason jar. If you want, shred some carrots into the mix. I added a few shreds at the very end for flavor.

2. Pound the cabbage down to release the juices. I do not have a mallet, so I used the wrong end of my large knife sharpener.

3. Pour 1/2 cup of homemade whey over the cabbage. Fill the rest of the jar with filtered water, just enough to cover the top of the mix. You want to be sure to cover the cabbage completely, as the process is anaerobic- if oxygen gets into the cabbage mixture, your batch may be ruined.

4. Add a heaping tablespoon of sea salt.
5. Loosely cover the jar with cheesecloth, secure with a rubber band, and set out in a fairly warm place to begin fermenting. After three days, put a jar lid on and move to the refrigerator. The good bacteria that will begin multiplying are very useful for repopulating your digestive tract with beneficial substances. Modern diets, toxins, and antibiotics wipe out these "pro-biotics", but you can easily reintroduce them into your body for less than $2!

I eat two or three spoonfuls a day straight out of the jar, but you can add your sauerkraut to hamburgers, stews, soups, and the like! Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the only belly picture I have from the last few weeks. I am 26 weeks pregnant and growing!

PS- Homemade whey is also very easy to make. Buy a container of full-fat yogurt, dump it into a large, fine sieve and set it over a larger bowl, one that liquids can easily drain into. Leave it straining overnight. In the morning, you will have whey in your bowl, and the most delicious cream cheese you have ever tasted in your sieve!


Kessie said...

I know sauerkraut is really food for you, but the only way I've ever liked it is on Reuben sandwiches. I just can't face making a whole batch and then never eating it.

Meal Planning Made Simple said...

Yum! I grew up in Germany, so that's of course a staple over there. :) Will have to try this out at home. Thanks for the recipe.


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