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Monday, January 23, 2012

Crawling Out From Under the Rock

There are a few reasons I have not really felt like blogging lately, but I think I am ready to post. I am sure my posts won't be very regular, but I really do miss writing about things. And having a reason to upload my pictures to the darn computer.

Here is what is going on over in our little family...

- Less than a month to go until baby gets here

- Lots of sickness coming and going in the house

- School going well for Jackson

- I took a leave of absence from BSF leadership until after the baby. We still attend class, though.

- Reading and researching a lot of paleo/primal nutrition and creating a family framework

- Figuring out how to wisely deal with transitioning from disciplining/ teaching an older child for attitude instead of disobedience

Whew. While the blog has been quiet, we have been busy.

Of course, the two things that take a lot of my attention are preparing for baby and researching nutrition for my family.

This pregnancy, I have incorporated a whole new nutritional platform and I have seen the benefits so clearly during the last nine months. Are you familiar with the paleo/primal way of eating? I was not, really, so I got as much information as I could via books and my favorite, Google. How I love reading blogs :)

While in pregnancies past, I have struggled with nausea, excessive weight gain, a foggy head, carpal tunnel syndrome, achy legs, and insomnia, with this pregnancy, all of these problems have been lessened or removed. This is not to say I am scooting through an entire pregnancy as a smiling earth mama. There are hard days. But truly, it has been the easiest pregnancy so far.

God is gracious, and knew I could not handle another difficult pregnancy. But additionally, I was led toward this school of nutritional thought.

I hope to post a few specifics of what I have incorporated, just to share with you. Not everyone loves this kind of stuff like I do, but I hope that a few ideas can help mamas that are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

I plan to write a short, probably boring, series on Paleo Pregnancy.

Since pregnancy is such a large chunk of many of our lives, after all. ;)

Until then. Whenever that may be!


Kessie said...

You say "paleo nutrition" and I think, what, what the dinosaurs ate? :-)

I went (mostly) off wheat flour, and the headache I've had since my youngest was born has finally gone away. I'd be interested to hear your nutrition tales! We eat as healthy as we can with the budget we have. Not to say that cookies and brownies don't show up from time to time. I just cook with butter and lard now. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Hey Jennifer, I will look forward to reading your articles. I just wanted to say good girl, you took a leave of absence from BSF leadership. With my third, I didn't. By the time I had him I was so sick and exhausted. I fought toxemia the last 3 months and it made such a hard delivery and recovery. I am so relieved.
Your plate is so full.
Rest as much as you can. I will be praying for you.


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