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Monday, February 13, 2012

Still waiting

It is easier to check my blog than to call or text me about this baby.

Besides, I may bite the head of the next person who conversationally says, "you're STILL pregnant?!".

Have mercy.

Once I learned my dear doctor would be out of town again (third baby out of three, no joke) for my due date, I decided I would do the smart thing and take a dose of castor oil to ensure sweet baby would be here by the time she left.

Have mercy.

It was horrible. I have taken it before because I am impetuous and impatient. But I don't remember it being this bad. Two while ounces of thick oil in a cup is just disgusting. I was a little desperate. Anyways, all that happened was a terribly upset stomach and what naturally physiologically happens after taking that much straight oil. At least my body had enough sense to wait to deal with my nincompoopedness until after we were home from gymnastics.

So that was Thursday. Saturday I got the stomach flu. Every time I remembered the castor oil, I threw up. I know. I know.

So now my doctor is gone, I've tried in vain to induce labor, I've cleaned the baby's room and closet, organized all of our DVDs, hammered a bunch of pegs into the garage to hang things from, and now I am sitting and eating oranges and blogging. I feel...peaceful. No longer in any rush to get to labor. I think I am content to meet him whenever he decides he is ready to leave the warmth and comfort of my round, round belly.



Kessie said...

Oh no! I'm laughing but I feel bad about it. Castor oil and THEN the flu? Oh man!

Well, at least you got that over with before the baby arrived. Nothing worse than being sick while being weak as water. Besides, it's better to wait until the baby's fully baked. Someone said somewhere that when the baby's lungs are ready to breathe air, it signals your body to begin labor.

Farm Girl said...

Wow, Jennifer, I never had the nerve to try Castor Oil. Talk about injustice then the stomach flu. I had to laugh about your doctor, mine always got back into town on the day I went into labor.
I was over due with my fifth by two weeks, I went to a Sunday night service at our church. The pastor had started a new series through Genesis and he was reading the passage and it said, " Do you think I will not bring this to pass," Do I bring pregnancy and not labor, something like that, but I jumped like I had been shot. The pastor looked up about the time i jumped and said from the pulpit, " Do you think that is for you?" It was and on Tuesday I finally went into labor. I forgot about what Kessie said, it is about the lungs. It will happen. :)
I will be praying for you.

Meg said...

I had finally given up and come to the conclusion with Brett when he was a week late that I was not ever going into labor, and that I was indeed going to pregnant for the rest of my life. Then my water broke. ;) He'll get here soon enough.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, girls :) what a great virtual support system you are!

mrs. owens said...

Oh dear friend...this little one will come in God's PERFECT timing. I know times 6! I start to doubt it and then I see it happen and it is amazing. Remember God is orchestrating it all perfectly, the people, the time, the date, etc. Love you...


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