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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation 2012

 We are back from vacation. It was lovely to be away with my family. They say vacationing with children is not really vacation. It is doing the same thing you normally do in a different place. 

Like the double stomach flu?
 Yup.  Just Roman, though. And we were at my in-law's beach house for those three days, so my mother in law was very helpful.  A little throw-up, a little diarrhea doesn't faze the mother of three boys and grandmother of eleven. 

After two days of a painfully empty tummy, Roman started following me around the house, saying "I'm HARGY, mama!".  Beau and I decided that this phrase is our new favorite in the children's made-up vocabulary.  
 Besides that, though? We had the nicest time. I loved getting to wake up every morning knowing that Beau would be there for the day. He did work two of the days on vacation, but it was different, more relaxed.
 While we trekked to San Francisco, Pismo, and Monterey, it didn't feel that cumbersome because the weather was so darn nice.  So nice!  We wore pants and sweatshirts the whole time.
 We went to an aquarium, the coolest park we had ever seen, and to the beach. Twice a day to the beach. 
The view was amazing, and we could hear and see the ocean from the living room of the place in Monterey.  We left early so Beau could work today...we were ready, though. It is nice to be back!


Farm Girl said...

Very nice and it looks lovely. Glad you are back.

Danae said...

Loveliness!!! :)


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