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Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's About Time

Two nights ago, we put Rebecca in her own room. Previously she had been spending her nights in my closet in her pack-n-play. She would wake up at least once and sometimes twice a night. I really didn't mind the nightly feedings because it kept my milk supply up and I loved that special, uninterrupted time we had together. But the lack of continual sleep was really starting to drain me, so I called a girlfriend for affirmation, made sure it was ok with my husband, and then put her in her own room after her 10:00 pm feeding and did not get her intil 6 am. She cried twice the first night and not at all last night.

I was much more diligent with establishing Jackson's sleeping schedule because that was all I had to do. With two, it gets trickier. She naps pretty regularly now, but it is not because of me. I needed to get serious about helping her get a good night's rest.

We prayed a lot and slept very lightly the first night, but last night was heavenly. I feel so much better, and she is a happy baby in the morning. Why didn't we do this sooner?

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