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Friday, January 11, 2008

Funny Jackson-isms

I wanted to record a few stories about Jackson for later, when I am an old lady. These are fun times for a young mother. I feel rewarded by having Jackson speak back to me. I love seeing him put into practice the things he learns each day. Here are a few of the most recent examples.

Lesson #1- Children of this age take commands literally. Mommy, beware.

I was vacuuming before our bathtime and asked Jackson to "please put Mommy's clothes in the bathroom". I heard a flush and the toilet lid slam. I ran in there to find my pajamas swirling down the basin! We call it "going to the bathroom". No wonder.

Lesson #2- Do not attempt to feed things to your children that no other adult will eat.

Jackson kept asking for cookies today and would not eat anything else, so I decided to make him some "cookies" while he slept. I thought they were tasty, but my adult taste testers later said otherwise. I tried to slip everything he should be eating into one bar full of apples, coconut, applesauce, almonds, flaxseed, and oatmeal. I put a single chocolate chip at the top of each bar. Jackson took two, ate the chocolate off of each one, and then threw the leftovers into the sink, saying, "Eeeew! Nass-see!"

That is his new phrase for the week. I'm sure he keeps using it because I giggle each time he says it. I'm pretty confident of his masculinity, so I won't curb this one until Beau makes me. :)


Boone reminded me of the rest of the cookie story.... after Beau, Boone, and Stacie had all sampled the cookies and decided they were not very tasty, they were good-naturedly teasing me about the cookies. Jackson was watching a cartoon and, like his dear daddy, does not pay attention to anything else while something good is on tv. Someone said "ice cream", which Jackson did not bat an eye to, and then Boone said "cookies" and Jackson whipped around in his chair and exclaimed, "No cookies! No cookies! "

Yippee! A new joke.

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