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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Granthams Return!

Grantham is the married name of my baby sister, Jackie. She has been in Fort Lewis, Washington for over 6 months now, and she came with her husband and daughter home on Saturday. She will be staying for 2 weeks and I am thrilled! I have another reason to thank the Lord for allowing me to stay at home with my children- I can spend as much time as I want with Jackie! We both got to take our children to my mom's house yesterday morning for some play time and we have had dinner together 2 out of the last three nights. It is so comforting for me to be able to spend time with her. Madison is over a year old and she is walking. Her hair is long. She responds to questions. She reaches over for a hug whenever anyone is near her. She is adorable!

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