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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Phones

Beau and I have both had a RAZR phone for the past 2+ years. After dropping them, getting them wet, washing one in the washing machine, and having children gnaw on them, it was time for new phones.

We are suckers.

If they tell us it is it will help us or it is a good deal, we will most probably give in. But I also really, really love getting a deal (thanks, Mom). We got a great deal on out new ATT phones, and I wanted to share so you can get a great deal, too!

I had to create an account with AT&T and then I was able to access my account bundle online. We have our landline, internet, and cell phones through AT&T. I was able to find refurbished phones on their website. We saved $555.99! I spent $74.33 for two new (kind of) phones plus a hard case and earbuds. I know that if we went into the store together, there is a very real probability that we would have gotten suckered into that whole amount. So I feel even better. :)

Beau finally got a Blackberry for work, and I got a cool orange (free) phone. Even you want a really loaded phone, if you buy it refurbished from the factory, you can get it for under $200. And it comes with a 90-day warranty. I did make sure that my savings were not in the form of a "mail-in rebate". Cell phone rebates are notoriously sketchy.

Also, Beau gets a discount on monthly service through Wells Fargo. It is probable that most nation-wide companies offer the same sort of savings.

I wanted to archive this so that the next time Beau hounds me for spending money, I can direct him to this page. Yahoo.

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