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Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Garden

We finally have a little garden. I have wanted a little organic plot of land for quite some time, and my husband graciously told me I could start planting. I say "graciously" because I am a little flighty. When it ceases to be interesting for me, I find something else to do. However, being a mommy is chipping away at that character flaw. Praise God.

Anyway, Jackson helped me plant our little green garden this afternoon. We will soon be eating yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and tomatoes. I can use my mint or basil to accent home-cooked meals.

Beau made me do some research on gardening and organic gardening before I bought any plants, so I will share a few things I learned:

1)Plant mint in a container before putting it in the ground, or it will overrun your garden and quite possibly, your backyard ( I have seen this).

2) Basil and tomatoes, grown in close proximity, supposedly help each other produce tastier and more bountiful fruit/leaves.

3)If you impulsively buy a plastic fence to surround your cool new garden, make sure you purchase more than you think you may need in case you break one of the cheap plastic posts. Or for heaven's sake, measure your garden first.

While we were planting, a cool wind started blowing and it actually began to drizzle rain. There were puffy rainclouds floating by and I got to listen to my children playing together in the backyard. Heavenly. A sweet glimpse of the glory God has in store for His children.

Please help keep me accountable with my neat new hobby. Feel free to ask if I am watering and fertilizing and pruning. Maybe I'll reciprocate with a tasty organic salad.


Brandy said...

I love a new garden. So pretty. The fencing is a nice touch, by the way.

We got our first harvest of zucchini last week, and then E. just brought me another basket this afternoon. Looks like we'll be growing it faster than I can cook it! What a blessing!

Jennifer said...

I hear that is the problem with zucchini! :)

Good to hear from you.


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