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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jackson's Heart

In church today, Chad talked about the incomprehensible depth of our complete depravity before a perfect and holy God- how we can't even begin to understand the justness of His infinite wrath against sinners. He quoted "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God". I have actually never read the sermon but am now moved to do so. After regaining a proper view of myself- for a short time, at least- I can barely stand to praise the Lord in song. My heart is burdened by the vastness of my depravity. But- how glorious is the hope that we have in Christ after coming (so slightly) to view a God who is perfectly just in His wrath! How marvelous, how wonderful.

The incredible Women Discipling Women conference I got to attend with some really awesome ladies from church gave me hope as well. I am free, free in Christ. Free from others' opinions, free from guilt and doubt, free from the vain pursuit of "perfection", Free! The blood that my Savior spilled on the cross was righteousness impuned to me. To try to build myself up via my own merits is assumed self-righteousness, which is sin. Every single session from this conference was amazing, and my sister-in-law's really cool friend, Summer, is giving me each session on mp3! So let me know if you want to listen to them with me!

Where the heck was I going with this post? Oh, I remember... I was attempting to explain the Gospel again to my son before bedtime. He was curled up with his "Deegee", his soft blue blanket. (Note from the conference: Do not dumb down the true Gospel for children. This cheapens Christ's work and forgets the fact that childre understand waaay more than we think they do!) Jackson responded to one of my statements with "Jesus in Jackson's heart".

"Wow", thought I.

"Jesus in Deegee's heart, too", says he.

"Long way to go", thought I.

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Swimwife said...

So cute! At least he has part of it down:) Wasn't the conference amazing:) What a wonderful time of fellowship and learning. I am still trying to digest everything:) So great to see you there! we are praying for Beau..hope he is feeling better soon!


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