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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our little one is finally walking! It has just been this week that she has essentially stopped crawling. She loves to follow her brother and the kitty around. We laugh as she "Frankenstein walks" quickly in one direction and then takes five steps to turn around in the other direction.

Jackson is getting so much bigger. My girlfriend remarked the other day that he looks like a little boy now. "He is losing his belly!" she said. He is! He is in the process of potty training and he knows most of his ABC's by sight. He mixes up "O" and "U". He loves to do school! I am still not sold on actually homeschooling, though.

* * *

I have been reading a book that my friend Casey recommended to me. She said it changed her marriage and she encouraged me to read it. I got it and could not put it down! My husband always tells me to "speak truth to myself" and I am starting to see what that means. Created to be his Help Meet is written by Debi Pearl. Wives, check it out- it really does alter your perspective on what it means to be a godly help meet.

* * *

Our dearest friends just got PS3's "Rock Band". It is the most fun thing we have done in a really long time! We alternate playing Bass guitar, lead guitar, vocals, and drums. It is so addicting. Beau and I are looking into the Wii, but it may have to be our Christmas gift to each other. It is so expensive! We have not had our own gaming system in many years, and the Wii has all of the interactive "get up off the couch" games. We'll see.

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Swimwife said...

So many fun things going on! I will check out that book. Sounds great! Hope to see you at the conference this weekend:)


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