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Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to the Four of Us

Jessie, my sweet sister, has finally moved out. I feel a little like her parent, both excited for her to be on her own and also grieving the loss of time spent with her. These last six months have been a true blessing for all of us.

The kids loved having Jessie around to play with and hang around. Not once did I ever see her kick them out of her room, no matter how busy she seemed to be. Beau and I enjoyed having someone else to talk with and eat with. She has had two jobs for almost five months now, so we did not have enough time in the day to tire of each other. She was a tactful houseguest.

I very much enjoyed our runs each morning. We talked of life and love and theology. It was cathartic for me to be able to have such meaningful conversation with a sister.

And now, she has her very own home. After an afternoon of painting, pruning, and cleaning last Friday, Jessie treated us to dinner. She shared with us that she has a different outlook on life after living with us.

"I'm happy now", she said.

I don't believe it has been any one thing that has made her attitude shift so fundamentally. I think she just got some time to rest and relax and rethink her priorities. She has begun attending church regularly. She is asking critical questions about the Lord. She has finished her grieving process after the dissolution of a 5-year relationship. And she is a homeowner! I have seen her grow and change. She truly is a different person now, ready for new avenues that will open up to her in the near future. I will miss her, but I will always remember this sweet time we got to have together as a family.

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Swimwife said...

Wow, Jennifer what a wonderful post about your time with your sister! I am so excited to hear about the changes in her life! What an encouragment to see what the Lord can do when we open our home and our lives to others. I know Jessie is so blessed by you and Beau. Praise the Lord!


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