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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am lucky enough to be sick today. We just got to stay at home. No pressure, no feeling the need to "do". It has been a lovely and relaxing morning, and I really am feeling a little better. We ate a leisurely breakfast and watched "Word World". Then the kids played outside in the spring sun while I got to sit with a blanket and coffee and read my Bible. We had a bath, then lunch, and then we did school for about 15 minutes. Throughout the morning, the kids helped me slowly clean up after ourselves and organize things here and there. This is what we do every day, but we usually compound it with errand running or visiting people. Today, we just got to spend time with each other. I think we all needed it. The morning did start with four separate disciplining sessions with Jackson, but his attitude was definitely adjusted. Besides the angry-looking bite mark on Rebecca's arm, we escaped the morning injury-free.

I was able to read Brandy's post on "Me Time" and the pursuit of a simple lifestyle. We got a taste of that this morning and I am kind of excited to try it again tomorrow. Could we really just stay at home all day most days? Would I feel completely unproductive and fenced-in? Would it really be better for the kids to have slow, simple, structured days? There are wise women in my life who would say, absolutely. One of them has been encouraging me to slow down since the day Jackson was born. I think I am about ready to listen.

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Dominic and Kimberly said...

What an encouragement. We have tried to make it a priority to slow down. I know it sounds crazy but slowing down takes a lot of effort, at least in the beginning. It takes a lot of "no".


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