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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Slings

I ordered fabric from Fabric.com for the first time last Saturday. With free shipping and an endless variety of options, I thought I was hooked. Bonus: my children could play happily in our living room or backyard instead of whining, touching every spool of thread, or hiding in the back room of Strawberry Patches.

However, I will continue to brave my favorite tangible fabric store at least until this next sweet baby comes. My Fabric.com order took over a week to get here! I had a custom sling order in the works (modeled by the handsome and ever accomodating Beau Woodward) and four slings to get to Baby Sightings, so my hormonal pregnant self was a bit frustrated with the snail pace of UPS. But my fabric finally got here at 6 pm yesterday, and Beau took care of the children so I could take care of business. I got three done last night and look forward to nap time today so I can finish the last two!

1 comment:

irene said...

ooooo, I love the brown one especially!


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