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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Diego Trip

Our fearless leader took the family on an adventure to San Diego last week. We got to travel and stay with another very enjoyable family. Altogether, there were five children, aged three and under. Although four out of five kids had pretty bad colds, we pressed on and took advantage of our 5-day park hopper tickets from Costco. If we had paid for admission into SeaWorld, the Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park separately, we would have spent over three times as much per ticket. Praise God for Costco! We enjoyed a full day at each one of the parks and each mommy and daddy got a date night together out on the town while the other family babysat at the hotel. It was our first real vacation in a long time, and we had a memorable time.

Rebecca loved the petting zoo at the Wild Animal Park. I think they drug these poor deer, though. They were pretty comatose...
A real lion! They are humungous.
Gorillas in the "wild".
There was a walk-in aviary. The birds thought Beau tasted good.
The Woodwards on Elephant Safari
Rebecca got a kick out of anything that moved! We think it made her miss her beloved Toulouse less.
In the safety of Daddy's arms

The San Diego Zoo!
Our little monkey warrior

Beau and Mark rode Atlantis at SeaWorld. They got quite wet.
Shamu show!
The boys had a great time together! Jackson finally stopped calling Erik, "Derek", after this trip.

Rebecca actually fell into the fountain in SeaPort village on our first night there. We had to buy her a dry oufit in one of the shops. The lady threw in this pink shirt for free. Poor baby! Luckily, she is easily distracted by animals and birds.

What a wonderful way to get to spend time as a family. It is rough traveling so far with little ones, but adventures are what make memories.


Laura and Kelly Allen said...

I've been following your blog since I found it on Little Birdie Secrets and I love it. We are expecting our first child in a month and I love seeing what a SAHM can accomplish (I'm plotting really hard to stay at home myself). I'm from San Diego, but now am in the Portland area, so this post was extra special for me. Thanks for sharing your experiences with blogland.

Jana said...

YAY for a true vacation and a night out w/o the kiddos!! How fun! I LOVE the SD Zoo - it's been way too long since I've been. Looks like you guys had a blast :)

Megs said...

It looks like you had such fun Jennie! I can't believe how big Jackson and Rebecca are getting. Your family is so beautiful!!! Love you!


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